Become a Kiva Small Business Advisor today!

Kiva is building a network of thought leaders, community, champions, and do'ers across the United States. We’re expanding access to capital for under-served, financially excluded, and socially impactful small business owners.

A Kiva Small Business Advisor aids entrepreneurs in their community and builds a network of like-minded stakeholders to support small business development.


Benefits of being a Kiva Small Business Advisor

  1. A direct connection to Kiva, an innovative social enterprise, backed by a passionate team executing a vision to change the world for the better.

  2. The opportunity to support small businesses in your city and be linked to a network of partners focused on impact.

  3. Networking opportunities with the economic development, social impact, and Kiva communities in your region.

  4. The autonomy and flexibility to build a program in your region that is designed around lasting economic and social impact.



  1. Advise entrepreneurs in your region who are interested in Kiva funding and support them through the application and fundraising process.

  2. Expand Kiva's presence in your region through partnerships and community engagement (e.g. events, networking).

  3. Connect entrepreneurs in your region to technical assistance and resource partners.


To take your engagement with Kiva to the next level, Kiva invites all trustees to join the Kiva Small Business Advisor Program. By sending one or two representatives to one of our trainings, your organization will be better equipped to share Kiva with the entrepreneurial community you’re working with.

To learn more about the Advisor Program and find out when the next training will be, email our Trustee & Advisor Associate Ran Fan at