Find out how best to motivate your networks. We've got you covered every stage of the way.

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Private Fundraising Stage

Kiva will give you 15 days to gather the support of 10-35 friends, family, and community members to kickstart your fundraising campaign. Once you reach your lender target, you will have proven your creditworthiness with Kiva.

To succeed during your Private Fundraising Period, we recommend these steps:

  1. Send out personalized emails to 25-30 people in your own network, using these templates. Think outside the box in terms of your network - not just your friends and family, but also your customers, neighbors, and greater network of peers.  

  2. Two days after this initial email, give a call to those you initially reached out to. Use this phone call to push for them to act, and walk them through the lending process.

  3. In the proactive outreach to your network, emphasize your vision and how this loan will make a positive impact on your business.  Make sure that your network knows that this is a loan, not a donation.  You will pay them back.   

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Public Fundraising Stage

Once your loan is publicly fundraising, you will have 30 days to fully fund your goal. While your loan will be visible to over a million eager Kiva lenders around the world, it is still important to continue to promote your campaign to your networks wherever possible.

To succeed during your Public Fundraising Period, we recommend these steps:

  1. Our Fundraising Calendar recommends day-to-day actions for you to take that leverage your network and tell new people about your business.  

  2. Make sure your loan profile is an accurate representation of your business - high quality photos and stories are appealing to lenders. Go here for best practices on how to create an exceptional profile.

  3. Post in your conversations tab! Your conversations tab is the best way to thank your lenders and provide updates about your business. Lenders favor borrowers who are engaged throughout the fundraising process.

  4. Extend Your Network: Think creatively about other groups, organizations, or networks not in your immediate network.  Even if you haven’t worked directly with them, you can always get your friends to spread the word to their networks, colleagues to share the news at church, etc.  Be entrepreneurial!

Our team is always here to support you in your fundraising efforts.  Please be in touch with us at so we can give you recommendations on how to get to 100%!


Disbursals and Repayments

When your loan is fully funded, your loan will be disbursed to your PayPal account in 5-7 business days. Your first repayment will be due on PayPal one month after the disbursal of your loan.  All repayments will fall on the same day of each month and we will send you a repayment schedule.

All loans are disbursed, and repayments collected on PayPal.  Make sure your PayPal account is linked to your bank account so you can easily transfer the funds from PayPal to your bank.  To learn more about this process, check out our repayments page.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at


For more detailed templates of what to do during each stage see our templates section.