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A Lead is an external member of the Kiva team that serves as a local ambassador and makes Kiva an accessible tool within a specific market.


The Role of a Kiva Lead

A Kiva lead serves as the primary local contact for Kiva within a market. Their role breaks down in 4 key ways:


Spreading word about Kiva

We want Kiva to be a household name in the local entrepreneurial community. Through partnerships with Trustees, events, marketing and engaging with past borrowers, the Kiva Lead drives growth within his or her city.

Coaching Kiva applicants

The Kiva Lead will connect with and support every applicant within a market. They are responsible for setting expectations about the Kiva process, helping to craft strong profiles, coaching through fundraising, and engaging with a borrowers during throughout their repayment.

Supporting Repayment

After a borrower's loan is funded, a Kiva Lead will continue to engage with that entrepreneur to assure they are able to make their payments and to connect them to local resources and opportunities that can support their business’s growth

Engaging the local community

A Kiva Lead is constantly out and about. They are connecting with local leaders of the economic development space, attending events, facilitating connections between lenders and borrowers, and engaging with all types of Kiva stakeholders.

Local Implementation Partner

Kiva Leads are hosted and paid by local community stakeholders such as WWBIC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Build Institute in Detroit, Michigan or The City of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA.

Read about how former Kiva Lead, Brad Willows, lead the Kiva program for The City of Rochester in Rochester, NY.

Who are the Current Kiva Leads?

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Jossiel Cruseta

Philadelphia, PA

Hosted by City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce, a Kiva Trustee


Cassie Coravos

Detroit, MI

Hosted by The Build Institute, a Kiva Trustee


Emily Keebler

Pittsburgh, PA

Hosted by Urban Innovation 21, a Kiva Trustee

Second to Jonny, longest Kiva U.S. team member!


Elizabeth Ingham

Rochester, NY

Hosted by Rochester City Government


Nichole Crust

Milwaukee, WI

Hosted by WWBIC, a Kiva Trustee


Lily Vail

Columbus, OH

Hosted by United Way


Ana Maria Cintron

San Juan, PR

Hosted out of Banco Popular Fundacion

Interested in bringing a Kiva Lead to your city?

We’re currently recruiting for our next class of Kiva Leads to be trained in the early Spring of 2018. We’re looking for small to mid size American cities who have entrepreneurial communities that can benefit from Kiva’s loan product and who are willing to put forth resources to host a Kiva Lead.

To learn more and see if a Kiva Lead is an option for your market, please reach out to Katherine Lynch at