Your personal story is a crucial aspect of your application. To help you with this section we've put together the following guide.


Your personal story is where the lenders get to know you. Use two paragraphs to give lenders background on your story and your goals. Help them understand what has shaped you and led you to start this business.

You can think about these questions to help write your story: Where did you grow up? What was it like? Is there an instance from the past that demonstrates your entrepreneurial spirit? Where are you today? What are your dreams for the future? For more ideas on what "not to do" and "to do", check out our examples below.


Why it does not work:

  • No background story/timeline on the borrower
  • No how or why their background inspired them to develop this business
  • Impersonal
  • The lender does not get an accurate idea of who this person is
  • No future goals

Why it works:

  • Addresses where he was raised
  • Mentions where he studied/what he studied
  • Talks about what motivated and allowed him him to pursue his passion
  • Describes the future business goals he is striving to achieve
  • Written in first person and in complete sentences

Why it works:

  • Has personal flair and does not sound like a generic story.
  • Explains both Valerie and Katie's backgrounds
  • Lists their roles in their company and how they manage it

Why it works:

  • Talks about his and his wife's backgrounds and how they met since it's related to their business
  • Talks about how their business has been able to give back to their community
  • Mentions why they love what they are doing