The quality of your photo determines how successful you are in fundraising on Kiva. A great photo could mean the difference between a loan that fully funds and one that doesn't!


The photo is the most important part of your application, it’s the first thing lenders look at when deciding who to make a loan to.  Borrowers with poor photos fundraise slowly. In order to fundraise on Kiva, your photo must meet the following criteria:

  • You (the owner) must be in the picture (do not only show a photo of eg. your shop). We will not approve your loan without you in the photo.
  • Your photo must clearly show your business.
  • NO selfies, head shots, logos, or photoshopped images!
  • In addition, horizontal orientation and clear/bright photos tend to be the best.

For more ideas on what "not to do" and "to do", check out our examples below.


Why these Are poor photos:

  • They are a headshot
  • They are low resolution
  • They do not show the borrower's business
  • They do not show the borrower

Why these are good photos:

  • They have good lighting
  • The people in the pictures are smiling
  • They show the borrowers' businesses