We’ve created a number of resources for you to use as a trustee to reach your goals and successfully engage borrowers throughout the process. We hope you will explore the resources and share new resources you create along the way.

If you have addtional questions or resources to share please contact Trustees@kiva.org

Getting Started As A Kiva Trustee

To help you better understand the next steps to take as a Trustee check out these videos and links to help you get started:

  • Why Become a Trustee: Watch this video to learn about the benefits of becoming a trustee and the journey ahead.

  • How to Apply:  Watch this step by step guide to becoming a trustee.

  • How to Use your Dashboard: Watch this video to better understand how to navigate your dashboard and keep up to date on your borrowers.

  • How to Endorse a Loan: Watch this step by step video of how to endorse a Loan and help your borrower get greater public support from you endorsement.

  • Download a copy of the Trustee Agreement to review your responsibilities and Kiva’s responsibilities to you.

  • What You Need to Know About Kiva: Review our mission statement, product and process.

  • Trustee Overview: Review your responsibilities as a trustee and the benefits you bring to the entrepreneurs you endorse.

  • Kiva Loan Timeline: Understand the average lifecycle of a Kiva Loan through the various stages of the application. 

Trustee Best Practices

Tried and tested materials from Trustees and Kiva to help you reach your goals.


Kiva has a number of promotional materials for you to use as you promote Kiva amongst your entrepreneurs as well as partners. Explore the resources below for pitch ideas, PR guidelines, logos for you use and much much more!


As a Trustee we encourage you to include Kiva Logos and Trustee Badges to your site and social media to promote your entrepreneurs. Please follow the design guide to keep branding consistent.


Adding Kiva to your current activities is a great  way to introduce Kiva to your entrepreneur circles and educate your borrowers on how to maximize their fundraising potential.

Hold a Kiva Information Session with your current and potential entrepreneurs. Check out these tips and templates for conducting a Kiva Information Session.


Utilize Kiva’s translated material to work with your local entrepreneurs.

Understanding the Borrower's Experience

Understanding the borrower’s Kiva experience is important as you help them along the application and fundraising process. The resources below will guide you through the borrower experience and give you wonderful tools to share with potential borrowers you work with.

  • Get an indepth look at the borrower process in this Slideshare Presentation. Learn what the borrower will be expected to complete and do during the application and fundraising periods.

  • Borrower’s Stories are powerful ways to understanding the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit of our borrowers. Check out two borrowers stories to learn more.

  • Borrower Loan Application: Review the Loan application a borrower must complete online to apply for a Kiva Loan.

  • Review a case study written about a Kiva Borrower’s experience from start to finish.

  • Use this Checklist to help your borrower collect and review all the information they will need to complete their application. Reviewing your borrower's application for completeness and quality before they apply will help speed up the review process enabling them to get funded faster.

Supporting Your Borrower Through Fundraising

Your Borrower’s Loan Application has been accepted, now what? To better understand borrower’s experience explore the resources below in the this section. 

Local Kiva Connections

If you are located in one of our Kiva Cities there is a Lead on the ground who would be happy to connect with you personally to help you develop your Kiva partnership. Learn more about our Leads at Kiva U.S. Leads or visit their site via the links below.

Kiva's Impact

  • Kiva U.S. 2015  Impact Report

  • Read about other Trustee’s experience’s with Kiva, and share yours. We would love to include your posts to our site to share with your fellow trustees.

  • Check out Posts from Kiva U.S. Senior Director Jonny Price and his thoughts on Kiva’s Impact